Related Projects

List of related projects:

  • The Hugs[1] senses stroking, squeezing and rubbing actions, and connects to another similar remote device which translates the input gestures into light, heat and tactile vibration.
  • Taptap[2] is a wearable haptic system that allows nurturing human touch to be recorded, broadcast, and played back for emotional therapy.
  • The Huggable[3] is a robotic companion capable of active relational and affective touch-based interactions with a person. It is used to aid in therapy for the elderly or lonely people in place of animals.
  • Cutecircuit’s Hug Shirt[4] has detachable pads containing sensors which senses touch pressure, heart beat and warmth, and actuators which reproduces them. The detachable pads make Hug Shirt washable. However, Hug Shirt embeds touch sensors on the body of the wearer. In addition it has vibration actuators which do not reproduce a calm feeling.


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