June 2nd 2007

We had the final decision for PCB design on Wednesday. In total we will have 6 PCBs. Sound a lot but the biggest board has the size only 3x4 cm and the the smallest is 1x2 cm. All PCBs are double sided with components loaded on both sides and connected using Hirose U .FL coaxial cable, the smallest coaxial we can find. Since such designs usually result in a lot of bugs, we decided to fabricate some test version using our own fabrication facility in NUS first before sending out the design.
I decided to use the sensor design in which QTC sheets are directly mounted on the board. I tested and found out that the design is more stable than the previous design. Besides, this design will definitely produce less noise than the previous one. Bellow is the printed electrodes for a 1x1 cm QTC sheet:

Since I am not sure about the power consumption of the whole system, I decided to fabricate a set of PCB without the voltage regulator mounted on board. This way I can test out some types of voltage regulator to make sure it meet the power consumption requirement. The plan now is to fabricate the new set of PCB and test them out during the coming week. I hope that we can get the bug free design soon.

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