July 2nd 2007

Full power circuitry design:

This is based on circuit configuration given in the application note from Maxim's datasheet for MAX1676.
Battery choice for this design will be one cell of either rechargeable 1.2V battery Ni-Mh or a normal 1.5V Alkaline battery cell.

Component list:

No Component Code Quantity Description Supplier
1 DC-DC Converter MAX1676 1 High efficiency 3/5V DC-DC Switching voltage regulator Farnell
2 Schottky diode MRB650 1 cell-content Farnell
3 Inductor ELL6 1 22uH inductor Farnell
4 Capacitor 2 47uF smd tantanum capacitor Farnell
5 Capacitor 2 0.1uF smd capacitor Farnell
6 Coaxial cable UFL Hirose 1 low profile coaxial cable RSSingapore
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