July 20th 2007

Circuit assembly:

  • Total number of PCBs: 6 pieces
    • Main circuit: consists of PIC, Bluetooth, analog multiplexers.
    • Head circuit: consists of DC-DC switching voltage regulator, 4 smd LED for force level indicator.
    • Sensors: 2 body PCBs and 2 arm PCBs
  • PCB connections:
    • Main - body sensors: 3pin headers
    • Main - arm sensors: 2 5cm UFL Hirose coaxial cable (4 connections)
    • Main - head : 4pin header and 1 5cm UFL Hirose coaxial cable for power.
  • Assembly form factor:
    • Main-head-body sensors: in total of 4 PCBs will be connected and form a 35mm x 35mm x 35mm cube. we call it "main cube".
    • Main cube - arms sensors: arms pcbs is 15mm x 25mm rectangle and connected to the main cube by 2 wires.
    • Such an assembly will facilitate the appearance design and implementation process. The main assembly is a compact cube so that it can be stuffed into any doll or chassis design.
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