July 16th 2007

Main circuit design:


Component list:

Description Designator Footprint LibRef Quantity
Multiplexer ADG608_1 ADG608BRZ ADG608BRZ 1
Serial Bluetooth module Bluetooth Bluetooth ESD200 ESD200 1
Capacitor C1 CC1310-0504 Cap Semi 6
Schotkky diode D MBR0530 MBR0530_Schottky 1
Header, 3-Pin JPBack1 HDR1X3 Header 3 4
Header, 2-Pin JPBT HDR1X2 Header 2 2
Coaxial cable PGH1 UFL Hirose U .FL 7
8-Bit CMOS FLASH Microcontroller, 3 I/O Ports, 8K x 14-Bit words FLASH PIC SOIC300-28 PIC16F76-20I/SO 1
Resistor R1 C1608-0603 Res3 2
Edge connector toHead Edge Connector right angle header4 1
Crystal XT Crystal 20Mhz Crystal 20Mhz 1


Since this circuit is design for the small outline package (SOP) PIC16F76, there is a need to simplify the process of updating firmware while developing. Current approach for developing is that the PIC must be removed from the circuit and place onto the programmer adapter. Such an approach is not suitable for small surface mount PIC device since it is very difficult to remove the PIC from the PCB.
In order to overcome this issue during development, in circuit serial programing approach is adopted for the surface mount version.

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