System Concept and Requirements


  • The input sensing subsystem of Internet Pajama (IP) consists of (1)the sensing interface: a portable device that can capture the "hug message" and (2)a terminal that can transmit the "hug message" to output subsystem.
  • "Hug message": is defined as emotional package that is sent while people communicate via physical method. (this concept will be revised soon)
  • Hug message: a message of love.


  • A portable device to enable remote hugging.
  • Able to sense force at different finger stroke level.
  • Act as a network client or able to communicate with a network client in order to transmit the message to the output device.
  • Have unique and cute appearance in order to act as an emotional avatar- users can relate to their love one.

Picture: definition of a hug by ~saralicious@deviantART

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