August 27th 2007

Appearance design: (cont)

more on this here
This is a new approach. Needed to be worked on

Design concept:

  • First let's define a hug:
    • A hug is a message of love;
    • A hug is a handshake from the heart;

This concept is not only true for lovers but every person on earth.

  • Design hypotheses:
    • Hug message is actually love message
    • Most common symbol of love : the Heart
    • Users will associate a heart shape device with their love one.
  • Approach: we utilize an well known symbol of love, the Heart, so that users would find it easier to associate the device with their love one.

Design specification:

  • A Heart with 12 different sensing areas
  • Sensing areas is positioned according to different body parts' positions
  • Users can print/paste picture of their love one onto device
  • User can attach the device to their mobile phone since it small, nice and cute

Usage scenario:

  • Usage scenario 1: Mother – child
    • Scene setting: Mother must go overseas for her conference. She is very busy and has to travel a lot. Once, While traveling she spots a heart image on the advertisement board. It’s a sign of love. It’s everywhere.
    • She miss her baby. She looks at the Heart with his picture printed on. She loves him so much.
    • And it’s so amazing that he can feel her love for him to. She keeps holding the Heart in her hand…
  • Usage scenario 2: lovers
    • Scene setting: He is overseas in his business trip. This afternoon he saw a lot of chocolate with heart shape. It’s valentine and he is not there with her…
    • He spot a young guy buying a heart shape balloon for his girlfriend. Love is all around…
    • He looks at the Heart that he has been holding. It’s her gorgeous face right there. And he kiss her. He knows that she would feel it, his love…
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